Alicja Gajewska

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English speaking psychologist Alicja Gajewska

Alicja Gajewska

I am an English-speaking psychologist who graduated from psychology at the SWPS University in Sopot and postgraduate studies in Clinical Psychology at the Medical University of Gdańsk. Currently, I am studying psychotraumatology at the Institute of Psychotherapy and Psychotraumatology “Triada” in Gdańsk.

I work mainly with teenagers and adults in the Social Welfare Home in Bielawki and private practice.

I gained experience at the Psychiatric Hospital in Gdańsk, Therapeutic Center “Mrowisko” in Sopot. In addition, I conducted consultations and therapy with victims of domestic violence at the consultation point in the Social Welfare Center in Subkowy.

I help people who:

-experience a feeling of loneliness

-have difficulties in establishing relationships

-experience prolonged anxiety, sadness, anger, mood swings

-want to rebuild their self-esteem

-struggle with a life crisis, such as domestic violence, bereavement.

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