Anna Rozkwitalska​

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Anna Rozkwitalska English speaking psychologist

Anna Rozkwitalska

I am an English-speaking psychologist, counselor, and life coach working with English and Polish speakers in Gdańsk. Aside from English and Polish, I also speak Italian and Spanish. I work primarily with ex-pats and digital nomads, both offline and online. I graduated from SWPS University in Sopot, and I did a one-year exchange program at the University of Kent in the UK. 

I did a two year long program in psychotherapy and interpersonal training at the Psychodynamic School of Cracow and one-year long course in psychotraumatology at „Triada” Institute in Gdańsk. I offer my services for adults and children, couples and families. 

The methods that I use depend on the individual goals and needs of each client.  Working with my clients, I mostly use a psychodynamic approach, coaching techniques, a goal-oriented approach where possible. To comply with professional and ethical standards, I regularly work with a certified supervisor. 

Having my own experiences of living, studying, working abroad in various countries, I understand what it means to live in an international environment or be somewhere as a foreigner, with all its bright and dark sides. 

During the sessions with me, you can become more self-aware, understand yourself and others better, understand what you need or want and the path that you need to take to get there, see a bigger picture of your life, work on your relationship, work on your professional goals. 

If you suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, professional burnout, or going through a relationship crisis… but also, if you’re looking for motivation and a chance for personal growth, get in touch with me!

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