Child Therapy

Child Therapy

Some children find it challenging to adapt to new life situations. Being a child of an expat can be fun but can also be challenging. They might just need a bit of support to understand their feelings and thoughts around this. Sometimes they need to connect with new people and places and then disconnect too quickly; they might doubt afterward if it makes sense to connect at all. 

If your child is struggling to connect to his peers, seems depressed, demotivated, or anxious, feels inadequate, cannot sleep, or has developed strange behaviors, for example around food, it would likely be a good idea to talk to somebody. 

child swinging above the river
child looking on the far mountains

At first, we talk to parent/s or legal guardians, and then we take it from there. Sometimes if it is necessary and possible, we help to find help out of our practice. Online therapy is not ideal for kids; but if that is what you are looking for, we are flexible. 

While working with children, we also want to make sure parents take care of their emotional health if necessary. Often children react to the problems of adults.

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