Intuitive eating workshop

Intuitive eating workshop

Where: Mind In Blue in Wrzeszcz, ul.Sobótki 22/2

When: 11:00-14:00, 14.05.22 Saturday

Price: 150 PLN

Registration: till 12.05.2022
+48 506 080 577

Would you like to eat more mindfully, be more confident and in control around food and not the other way around?

Do you want to break from the diet culture and restrictions around food?

Join our workshop that will introduce you to the Intuitive eating, an anti diet approach, focused on conditioning eating on internal body cues and listening to your intuition. 

It’s not another diet nor a set of rules. Intuitive eating was created to guide you back to your intuition around food, so you can decide on your own what’s best for you at each moment.

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You will benefit from the workshop if :

-you want to eat more mindfully
-you are struggling with emotional eating
-you’re disconnected from feeling hunger cues
-you can’t stand another diet and want to relearn to eat without diet rules

If you want to:

-have less emotional eating
-better your interoceptive awareness
-improve your self esteem
-forget about dieting
-you want to feel more free with your eating after an eating disorder
-have a more healthy diet

During the workshop you’ll learn:

-principles of intuitive eating
-how to eat more mindfully
-how to distinguish hunger from cravings
-how to regain control over eating
-how to follow internal cues when it comes to eating

The workshop is going to have both theoretical and practical parts, in the form of lecture, self reflection exercises and group discussion, which will allow you to connect the new knowledge with your personal experience and use it in your life right after the event. 

We’re going to work in a group of up to 12 participants.

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Registration: till 12.05.2022
+48 506 080 577

Registration till 12 of May

Agata Szymańska english speaking dietitian and nutritionist

About the hosts:

Agata Szymańska

I am a clinical dietitian. I help people who struggle with emotional eating, who want to change their eating habits and after many unsuccessful attempts to get out of the vicious cycle of weight loss and to heal their relationships with food.

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Anna Rozkwitalska

I am an English-speaking psychologist, counselor, and life coach. I work with people suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, professional burnout, or going through a relationship crisis… but also, those looking for motivation and a chance for personal growth.

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Anna Rozkwitalska English speaking psychologist