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We provide all our services online to clients from all over the world, expats and digital nomads, people who live in remote places or change their location often. We offer our services to clients who live in other countries, sometimes remote places where they don’t have access to psychotherapy in English or such services are very highly priced. Being located in Poland we have competitive prices making mental health more accessible.  

As we approach health in a holistic way we offer:

psychotherapy, couples therapy, nutrition consultations, life and career coaching.

Online Psychotherapy and life coaching

We offer help with all psychological problems, the most common being: depression, anxiety, relationship problems, professional burnout or emotional instability to name a few.

Working with people who travel a lot and experience an exciting life full of new places and people we offer help with problems and difficulties that the same lifestyle brings: loneliness, feelings of emptiness, inadequacy, and stress-related to the transient life. There can also be problems with decision-making, long-distance relationships, intercultural relationships, and culture shock. 

By taking care of what is challenging in your life, you can enable yourself to get the most out of it.

Of course, even if this is an online work that we do together, whenever you’re in Gdańsk, you are welcome to come for a face-to-face session. We would be more than happy to have you here!

Online Psychotherapy and life coaching

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