Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy

We offer a confidential, judgment-free, and safe space where you can talk about whatever is going on in your life. We welcome everybody independent of their religion, sexual preferences, cultural or ethnic background.

We work mostly with expats and digital nomads. As exciting as your life might be, traveling or living abroad often brings some difficulties like adapting to a new place and culture, finding new friends, getting settled in a new job, and long-distance relationships. Sometimes when these things pile up, people experience lower mood or anxiety.

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Many people find that wherever they go, they bring some unsolved things with them. The therapist during consultations will help you understand what you need and how much time is needed to work on it. Therapy is a journey of getting to know yourself better and understanding your relationship with the world around you. Therapy can also be a way to grow as a person, become more conscious and in control of your own life.

We offer help with all psychological problems, the most common being depression, anxiety, relationship problems, professional burnout or emotional instability to name a few. We also support our clients with problems more specific for expats like feeling of loneliness, emptiness, inadequacy, and stress related to the transient life, long-distance relationships, intercultural relationships, and culture shock. 

We work in person in Gdańsk, Poland and remotely with clients who live in other countries, sometimes remote places where they don’t have access to psychotherapy in English or such services are very highly priced. Being located in Poland we have competitive prices making mental health more accessible.  



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