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Svetoslav Savov

I am a qualified English speaking clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst with 15 years of professional experience. I work individually with adults struggling with emotional and behavioral problems, including anxiety, depression, relationship and self-esteem issues, traumatic experiences and parental challenges.

I am a full member of the Bulgarian Psychoanalytic Society and a regular member of the Society of Psychologists in the Republic of Bulgaria. I have defended a PhD dissertation in the field of addictions and I have worked as assistant professor at the Department of Cognitive Science and Psychology in the New Bulgarian University, where I also held the position of Director of the Program board. 

I am author of a series of papers in the field of mentalization, personality disorders and empirical research in psychoanalysis and actively participate in international congresses, conferences and professional seminars.

In my approach to psychotherapy I try to integrate clinical experience with knowledge from evidence base research. I do brief and long-term psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapy and counselling.

I strive to create a safe and collaborative environment where problematic issues can be explored, better understood and worked through in a productive way.

I follow the principles of:

• Right to confidentiality

• Respect for suffering

• Respect for personal dignity

• Competent and professional attitude

I would be glad to talk with you and explore the possibilities for therapeutic work. 

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